“Sometimes you just need to detox the body.”

I’ve heard this countless times before, as if toxins stake territory and the only way to get them out is by drinking some terrible potion.  As if we don’t have working respiratory, circulatory, and endocrine systems.

The grapefruit juice cleanse.  The lemon water and cayenne pepper cleanse.  Liquid diets as a way of clearing the body.  It’s everywhere in the pseudo-New-Age world.

I’ve wanted to say, “If you want to detox, eat healthy and stay away from the things that are bad for you.  If the body can’t cleanse itself then, you’ll be needing far more than a jar of juice and spicy water.”

All sardonic commentary aside, at the end of the day, it really is as simple as that.  You don’t need any special concoction.  You don’t need to fast.

Stop doing the toxic thing, and the body will detox itself.

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Lights Out

The power went out in my town last night.

Even with the electricity flowing, this area gets wondrously dark at night. The town serves as a buffer between civilization and the mountainous boondocks of New Hampshire. My neighborhood rests literally on the border of this buffer. There are no street lights. You have to drive a few miles before you come across one.

But last night, we were reminded of how bright we are, even in the supposed small towns. The lights go out in my house, all my neighbors’ houses, as far as the eyes can see.

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The Colors and the Super Moon


The super moon makes its appearance above the tree tops, giving the illusion of magnitude and proximity, making it feel close enough to actually touch.  The world around us is defined by the hazy pink sunset and the authoritative glow from the moon.  We’re on a drive back home, snaking through the busy highways around Boston, deep in conversation.

“…it’s like trying to describe a color, if you think about it,” my husband concludes, and I agree.

After a few moments of silence, my eyes drooping with delirious exhaustion, the tunnel lights of the O’Neill painting the world orange and yellow, my husband adds:

“Do you feel like playing a game?”

“Sure,” I say. “What’s the game.”

“Let’s try actually describing colors.”

I’m in.  These little brain teasers — these chances to play around with words and vocabulary and syntax — are what I live for.  It’s a chance to go abstract and get away from the context of the world.

“Pick a color, and I’ll try to describe it,” he says.

“Okay, then.  Red.” Continue reading “The Colors and the Super Moon”

A Link, A Plan, A President

*cue the, “typically I don’t do this”*

But, for real: typically I don’t do this.

Most already know I write for various websites — although the frequency has been steadily dwindling, due to a slew of factors (some sites went in a different direction than the things I write about, some sites went out of business, I started writing my most recent novel and had less bandwidth to come up with article ideas, I started writing for clients and had less time to pitch for websites — and some sites, well, don’t pay, and I got sick of writing for free).

Regardless as to how often I write for them, I usually never link anything direction onto the blog (although you can always find these in my publishing creds section.  Hint hint, nudge nudge).

Today, though, I invite you to read something I wrote for Huffington Post, titled “Yoga & Namaste in the Time of Trump“.

As an avid (and still fervent) Bernie supporter, I don’t think I have to really dive deeply into my feelings on the presidential election.  It has pointed a lot of things out — for both sides of the aisle — and only time will tell what the future brings.

But I will say this: if those running on a platform of hate were to go through with exploiting anger to gain power, they would fail if we actually band together.  Their platform of hate will fall on deaf ears if we’re too busy listening to everyone else’s story and background.

And for those who are burned out and don’t want to look at yet another stupid post: “Namaste” literally translates into “I bow to you”, but has transformed to mean, simply put, recognition.  I recognize the light in you.  The good within me recognizes the good with in you.  But it can also be used in times of suffering.  The hurt within me recognizes the hurt within you.  The frustrated, angry, dark aspects of me acknowledge the frustrated, angry, dark aspects of you.

(And — guess what honeys — we all have that.)

I’m nervous about those who were told, “Your hatred is valid.”  But I’m hopeful for those who heard that message and went, “I’ll fight twice as hard to protect those who are marginalized.”

And — again — only time will tell.  I’m cautiously optimistic.